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Molecular Biology and Genetics Labortory

Molecular biology (Genetics) Laboratory, LUMHS has been providing diagnostic services for PCR tests for hepatitis at highly subsidized rates (almost at non-profitable position) for entire province of Sindh. Molecular biology (Genetics) Laboratory is the signatory of MoU with Health Department, Government of Pakistan, Health Department, Government of Sindh and Pakistan Baitul-Mal Sindh to provide PCR diagnostic services in Prime Minister's and Chief Minister's Program for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis.

Besides the diagnostic services this laboratory is continuously striving to contribute in Research Activities of LUMHS and is providing all lab support to the researchers and also help the faculty in structuring/designing various research projects based on modern molecular biology techniques. To further facilitate research activities in the country; Molecular Biology (Genetics) Laboratory has planned to provide genotyping, sequencing and karyotyping facilities to other research organizations on commercial basis. Thus Molecular lab is contributing for enhancement of science and technology in the region.
Incharge: Dr. Ali Muhammad Waryah
Available equipment:
  • ABI 3130 Genetic Analyser
  • Scanning Elctron Microscope (SEM)
  • Thermo Px2 PCR
  • Cephied Real Time PCR
  • BioRad Gel documentation System
  • Safety Hoods
  • PH Meter
  • Digital weighing Balances
  • 80 Refrigrator
  • 20 Refrigrator
  • Ice making Machine
  • Autocalving System
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Conventional Incubators