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The Executive MBA in Health Management is a 2-year executive weekend program that envisions to provide an intensive, rich and innovative understanding of the intersection between business fundamentals and healthcare management. It aspires to impact the practice of health management by producing leaders, innovators and managers. Weekend classes accommodate working professionals, making this a truly dynamic and accessible program.

A blended learning approach of online and on-campus sessions exposes students to the new realities of the business world. It reinforces student-centered learning by providing a truly transformative and interactive experience. Blended learning techniques throughout this program will present diversity of instructional approaches, learning technologies, case studies, readings, role plays and industry engagements. Special emphasis is given to connecting students with worldwide opportunities in the health industry through an innovative experiential curriculum, intensive skills education, and diverse learning experiences.

As an Executive MBA in Health Management graduate you will:

  • Understand key challenges, major stakeholders, the value chain and its major components in the healthcare sector.
  • Become familiar with issues of equity, quality and sustainability in healthcare.
  • Recognize challenges of managing complex health systems, understand the role of policies and laws, and design and implement process change in the healthcare sector.
  • Understand the steps of creating a successful venture in the healthcare sector.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation in healthcare and develop an understanding of designing and implementing healthcare innovation.