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October 23, 2023
Updated Final Merit List for Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme
September 6, 2023
Final Merit List for Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme

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a. The applicant must have a valid CNIC/ B-Form number.
b. Must be valid student as of closing date for application submission i.e., 30th Jun 2023.:
c. Student must be enrolled within timeline as mentioned in table below:
Degree Name Duration Date of Admission
after before


5 Years 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-23
MS/ MPhil or Equivalent 2 Years 30-Jun-21 30-Jun-23
MBA 3.5 years 31-Dec-19 30-Jun-23
MBA 2.5 years 31-Dec-20 30-Jun-23
MBA 1.5 years 31-Dec-21 30-Jun-23
Masters (16 years) 2 Years 30-Jun-21 30-Jun-23
Undergraduate 5 Years 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-23
Undergraduate 4 Years 30-Jun-19 30-Jun-23

Following students will NOT be eligible for laptops under this scheme:

  1. Students enrolled at any private sector higher education institute (HEI).
  2. Students enrolled at any government degree & postgraduate colleges and affiliated colleges.
  3. Students who have already received a laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme.
  4. Foreign nationals, except students from AJK. Page 2 of 6
  5. Any other students not listed eligible criteria and/ or as identified and decided by the Steering/Technical Committee.
  6. If any student has not applied online or his/her application has not received through online portal.
  7. The eligibility for laptop award will also be determined at the time of distribution. If student(s) failed to produce the required documents and proof of academic performance, against the data which made him/ her qualified for laptop, he/ she shall not be awarded with laptop.
  8. Any selected student who passed out degree program prior to laptop distribution.
August 30, 2023
Provisional Merit List for Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme - Updated
August 3, 2023
HEC announces the
 Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme 2023 Provisional Merit List. All applicants are directed to check their status in the list and in case of any correction, email or WhatsApp (before 02:00PM - August 5, 2023) alongwith evidence.
WhatsApp: 0333 3543983

Provisional Merit List for Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme
Policy - Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme (PYLS) Phase III, 2023