The minimum educational qualification of a candidate for a admission to First year MBBS / BDS course to LUMHS under all admission categories is Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations (HSC) Pre-Medical Group i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with at least “B” Grade passed during the year either 2009 or 2010 only; or any equivalent examination from any other Board or Institution recognized by IBCC as such with at least “B” Grade passed during the year either 2009 or 2010 only. Candidates obtaining less than 60% Marks in HSC (Pre-Medical) or equivalent Examinations are not eligible.

i).         Candidate for admission under the categories General Merit, Merit Cum-Choice seats, Disabled seats and UEAP/UDP (Local Self Finance) must be Permanent Residents and Domicile of respective Districts of Sindh tagged to LUMHS & his/her Father must also be domicile and PRC of Same District or of Sindh Province except Karachi, but not out of Sindh Province.
ii).        The admission in BDS on UEAP (Local Self Finance) will be given on District wise Merit basis to candidates who are domicile of Sindh Province (Except Karachi).
iii)         Candidates for admission under admission category “University Development Programme” (UDP) must also be domicile of tagged district of LUMHS Jamshoro.

Eligibility criteria for Overseas / Foreign National candidates.

  1. Out of three science subjects, Biology and Chemistry are essential subjects. The third science subject could be Physics or Mathematics.
  2. Equivalence Certificate of HSC (Pre-Medical) with minimum 60% marks, from IBCC Islamabad.
  3. Country secondary school certificate / Marks Certificate of Intermediate examination / A Level having passed during the year 2009 or 2010
  4. SAT-II examination score with minimum 700 marks in each subject, i.e. Chemistry, Biology, and Physics or Mathematics.
  5. Valid TOEFL or IELTS with a score of 500 or 5.5.
  6. Passport with valid visa and Police Registration Certificate.

   i.       Afghan refugees will not be entertained as Afghan Nationals under UEAP.
   ii.       Afghan refugees must have qualified SAT-II score & TOEFL or IELTS with a score of 500 or 5.5 as required by PM&DC.
  iii.       FATA candidates must have also qualified SAT-II score & TOEFL or IELTS with a score of 500 or 5.5 as per PM&DC rules.


Entry Test

  1. Candidates who have passed Intermediate Sciences (Pre-Medical group) with at least 60% marks or A-Level examination either in 2009 or 2010 with minimum 60% marks shall be eligible to appear in the Entry Test. The candidates who have passed A-Level Examination should submit transcript and equivalence certificate from IBCC Islamabad.
  2. All eligible candidates for admission to MBBS / BDS will be required to appear in the Entrance Test.
  3. The entrance test shall be conducted from the prescribed intermediate syllabus of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas Larkana & Sukkur. There will be 100 multiple choice questions in the test, distributed in the following manner:

i) Biology - 30 questions
ii) Physics - 30 questions
iii) Chemistry - 30 questions
iv) English - 10 questions

The time allotted to solve the paper will be 100 minutes.

There will be negative marking for incorrect answer.
Each correct answer shall be awarded 04 (Four) marks and there will be 01 (One) negative mark for each incorrect answer.
Self Assessment Test for entry test is also available at official website of University at:

(iv)       The candidates shall collect admit-slip for the Entry Test from their respective Branches of Habib Bank Ltd:  where they have submitted their  admission forms.

The selected candidates shall have to undergo a medical examination through Medical Board constituted by the University PMC Nawabshah. The Selected candidates must produce following documents.

  1. X-Ray Chest (PA)
  2. Urine DR.
  3. Blood C.P + ESR
  4. Vaccination certificate against HBV
  5. HBs Ag, Hepatitis C (HC).
  6. Foreign Nationals will have to produce a certificate of their HIV status from prescribed laboratories in Pakistan.

Admission of Disabled Candidates

Candidates for admission against the seats reserved for disabled persons after having failed to be selected against the district merit seats on the basis of their overall merit, after the Entry Test, will have to produce a certificate from the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Sindh, Karachi to the effect:

1).        That he/she is a disabled candidate within the meaning of disability which defined  “disability” as that degree of physical disability which puts the candidate at disadvantage as compared to a normal person for acquiring education in medical institutions, but otherwise capable of performing his/her duties satisfactorily as a medical professional.

2).        That he/she is mentally fit and physically able to carry on studies and perform professional duties after qualifying MBBS.

3).        His/Her disability should not be of such a severe degree that makes a candidate unable to acquire medical education or work as a doctor.

Selection against the reserved seats will be made from the list of the disabled candidates strictly on combined merit basis after entry test.

Note:   A Medical Board as listed below shall be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Jamshoro to examine the candidates and establish the disability of the candidates.  The Board shall award a certificate to this account for inclusion of the name of the candidates in the list of the disabled candidates.


  1. Vice-Chancellor                                                               Chairman
  2. Professor of Orthopaedics,                                                Member
  3. Professor of Ophthalmology                                              Member
  4. Professor of Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T)                         Member
  5. Professor of Psychiatry                                                     Member
  6. Professor of Medicine                                                      Member


1. The application for admission to 1st year MBBS/BDS shall be invited through an advertisement in the leading newspapers mentioning the last date of receiving such application. The application received after the due date shall not be accepted. The application shall be submitted through designated Branch of Habib Bank Ltd: against a receipt.

2. Candidates are required to fill in only one form for admission in MBBS and BDS course for all categories of seats (General Merit, merit-cum-choice, Disabled seats and UEAP Local / Overseas Self Finance). There will be no separate form for each category.
3. All seats in various districts are open for competition within such district and no body shall be denied admission on the ground of gender, religion, colour and caste.

4. Competition in each district shall take place between candidates of that district, thus a candidate from one district shall not compete with a candidate of other district.

5. The seats, which remain vacant at the time of selection, shall be filled in by admitting the next candidate on combined merit list from the same district. District merit is strictly maintains accordingly District merit quota; if the seat still remains vacant the same shall be filled in by consideration of candidates on combined merit from the tagged districts. In case a seat falls vacant during first sixty days of the academic year of admission, the same shall be filled in by adopting the aforesaid procedure. Any seat falling vacant thereafter shall not be filled and shall stand forfeited.

6. Application forms and this Prospectus can be obtained with paying Rs.200/- in cash from designated Branches of Habib Bank Ltd.

7. Every application for admission shall be accompanied with a non-refundable Entrance Test fee of Rs.1200 (Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred Only) to be credited in the LUMHS Admission Account No.0072-7900180901 at designated branches of Habib Bank Ltd

8. Every application for admission shall be accompanied by three photocopies of the following documents duly attested by a Government Servant in Grade-18 or above.

  1. Matriculation Certificate or Equivalent Certificate.
  2. Matriculation Marks Sheet or Original Equivalence Marks Sheet by IBCC.
  3. Intermediate Science Marks Sheet or Equivalent Certificate by IBCC. (Pre-Medical group)with transcript certificate.
  4. National Identity Card from NADRA / ‘B’ Form of candidate (as applicable).
  5. Permanent Residence Certificate (Form-C) of the candidate in accordance with Law/Rules or in the absence thereof in the form determined by the Government.
  6. Domicile Certificate of candidates (if the candidate has attained age of 18 years)
  7. Domicile certificate of father / Guardian/Mother (Must be from Sindh Province)
  8. Computerized National Identity Card of Father / guardian.
  9. Hafiz-e-Quran Certificate (If applicable).
  10. Certificate of disability (If applicable)

Affidavits/undertakings on Rs.20/- stamp paper as per specimens given in appendix I, II, regarding not having got admission in any other Medical College or Medical University in the country or production of false documents. (These affidavits will be required at the time of Admission, if offered).

  1. Six passport size photographs bearing name and district written on back (one pasted in the space provided and five affixed on the front of application form). 
  2. In case of Father is not alive Death Certificate of Father.
  3. Candidates applying under the category of UEAP/IEAP Overseas Pakistanis should submit the proof of his/her father working outside the Pakistan (from the Embassy or Consulate of Pakistan) Note: Any candidate found using Domicile/P.R.C of more than one district/province in Pakistan shall be disqualified for admission in any medical institution.

9. Applications along with the attested photocopies of required documents shall be submitted in the prescribed printed form and its columns must be filled in correctly. Incomplete forms are liable to be rejected.

10. Copies of relevant documents duly attested must be submitted as per schedule given at the end of this prospectus. No application form shall be entertained after the closing date.

11. Application Form with all relevant documents must be properly filled/tagged.

12. The Chairman of the Admission Committee shall announce the selection of any candidate, selected in accordance to the overall merit obtained by the candidates in each district by displaying the list on the Notice Board of university and the respective Institution and website.
13. The Admission Committee shall have the discretion to cancel the admission of any candidate, who indulges in violence; use abusive language becomes insolent or misbehaves with the Admission Committee.

14. The Admission Committee shall not consider any candidate for admission if he/she is found involved in any kind of irregularity or fraud at any stage of admission/Selection process.

15. The Provisional merit is liable to be corrected at any stage and no candidate whose name appears in the provisional list may claim admission on that basis.

16. All admissions are provisional subject to verification of original documents submitted by the candidate. If at any stage, it is proved that the candidate has been admitted on the basis of false incorrect documents or information or against the rules of admission, his/her admission shall be cancelled immediately after giving him/her an opportunity to show cause shall be forfeited and University will have the right to take legal action against the candidate as per rules.

17. The date of admission in First year MBBS/BDS course shall be taken to be the first day of the corresponding academic year, irrespective of the fact as to when candidate has been selected for admission in the institution.

18. The rules and regulations for holding different professional examination for M.B.B.S./B.D.S. course shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations framed by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) for the Degree of M.B.B.S./B.D.S. as amended from time to time and as approved by the university. Written part of University Examination of all professional examination will comprise of MCQ examination with negative marking.

19. The selected candidates shall get themselves enrolled with the institution on payment of requisite fees within a period of two weeks, failing which his/her admission will be cancelled.

20. Candidates who are finally selected on open merit seat, UEAP (self finance) or any category allowed provisional admission shall have to pledge through an affidavit that they will complete the course of MBBS of 05(five) years, and BDS of 04(four) years. In case they leave the University before completing the course for any reason, they will submit a pay order of Rs.250,000/- (Rupees Two Lac Fifty Thousand) only in favour of the LUMHS as a penalty for wasting a precious seat of general merit and overall categories.

21. The Original documents/Photo state of the documents will not be returned to the selected students up to the 1st year. However original marks sheets, of students will not be return back.

22. Candidates who are selected under admission categories such as UEAP/IEAP (local), (UDP), Overseas, Foreign Nationals and Afghan Nationals cannot not be converted to the category of District merit seat.

22. All admission in each category shall be purely on the basis of merit and if at any stage, it is found that the admission is obtained by fraud misrepresentation or mistake it shall be to cancellation after such notice to the candidate concern & fee deposited shall stand forfeited.


The following marks shall be added or deducted from the total marks of the candidates in his HSC (Pre-Medical) or qualifying Examination in order to prepare the adjusted marks.

1). To determine relative merit in respect of candidates claiming to be Hafiz-e-Quran, Eleven (11) marks will be added to the total marks obtained in theory part of three science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology for calculation  of final merit.
Selection Board constituted by the Vice-Chancellor in this regard will interview the candidates to ensure that he/she is a genuine Hafiz-e-Quran.      

2). 10 marks per year shall be deducted from the cumulative score of three science subjects,
if there is a gap of more than two years between the year of Matriculation and year of
Entry Test.

Example No.1

Matriculation 2008
Entry Test 2010
Deduction Nil

Example No.2

Matriculation 2007
Entry Test 2010
Deduction 10

Example No.3

Matriculation 2006
Entry Test 2010
Deduction 20

And so on ………….

3). In case the overall score of two or more candidates are equal, the candidate securing higher marks in the HSSC (Pre-Medical / Qualifying Examination) shall be ranked higher in merit for the purpose of admission. If the HSSC marks are also equal the candidate securing higher marks in Matric shall be ranked higher in merit for the purpose of admission and if the Matric marks of two or more than two candidates are also equal only then the candidate older in age shall be ranked higher in merit for the purpose of admission. The production of equivalence of marks sheet from IBCC shall be the responsibility of candidate.


Matric Science / O level / Equivalent  10% weightage
HSC (Pre-Medical)/equivalent Examination 40% weightage
Entry test 50% weightage


Note: Only science subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematic) will be considered in HSSC result for making District merit list

Example: If a candidate has obtained following marks:

Matric Science / O Level Equivalent examination  650/850 or 76.47 %
HSC / A Level Equivalent(Science subjects only) 440/600 or 70.00 %
Entry Test Marks  300/400 or 75.00 %

                                                                 300/400 or 75.00 %

His/her merit will be calculated as follows:

Weightage for SSC O Level / Equivalent =76.47 % x 0.1 = 7.65
Weightage for HSSC =70.00 % x 0.4 = 28.00
Weightage for Entry Test =75.00 % x 0.5 = 37.50

Over all Merit of the candidate  = a+b+c   =  7.65+28.00+37.5  =73.75
All calculations in percentages will be rounded up to two decimal points.

Similarly the merit calculation of A Level/Equivalent candidates will be based on three science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematic) according to the IBCC formula given below for final merit calculation.

A Grade 85/100
B Grade 75/100
C Grade 65/100
D Grade 55/100
E Grade 45/100

Example of formula applied for merit calculation of candidates with A level/Equivalent exam:

If a candidate has secured following grades in science subject:

Biology A Grade 85/100
Physics or Mathematic A Grade 85/100
Chemistry B Grade 75/100


Since the HSSC Pre-Medical examination has 200 marks in each science subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematic) making a maximum total of 600 marks, therefore the acquired and maximum marks of ‘A’ Level candidates will be multiplied by two.

245 x 2 / 300 x 2 = 490 / 600

Now 40% of 490 marks will be considered for weight age in the total marks for final merit of an ‘A’ Level / Equivalent candidate to be at par with HSC (Pre-Medical) candidate.